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He’s Waiting for YOU

by Diane

”…Don’t’ let this throw you…I’m on my way to get a room ready for you” [John 14:1 The Message] Every major transition in life needs a process to clear away the fog and create forward momentum.  Trouble is in the midst of transition most do not have a process path to encourage them forward.  Like […]

Hearing and Understanding

by Diane

”“I have appeared unto thee for this purpose” [Acts 26:16 NKJ] The Lord always explains the meaning behind the words…if we are listening. Listening in kingdom terms requires us to act upon what we have heard—the muscle of our spiritual ear either increases or decreases depending on our willingness to obey.  The Lord spoke to […]


by Diane

”Remember these things…” [Isaiah 44:21-23] Remember—bring to mind, meditate on these things, allow them to be real and alive to you today….and…sing for joy…shout aloud…burst into song!  That sounds like an invitation to join the dance, party and celebrate! God’s work comes to us as a completed process—over and over again!  Don’t get so stuck […]