”… pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances…”  [1 Thessalonians 5:17-18]

I groaned a little inside as I drove the car into the driveway.  With the temperature well into the 90’s I dreaded carrying the groceries up the steps and into the house. The mixture of heat and weight was not something I looked forward to.

The heat hit my face as I opened the car door but as I popped the trunk [opened the boot] my mind was filled with a different scene.  I was reminded of  soldiers, thick uniforms, back-packs and  rifles, of ammunition and bullet proof vests—my insides shrank a little as I thought of them—those that even now were fighting for the freedom I was enjoying.  Those who ate from a ration kit while I carried home just about anything I wanted.

I thank God for His grace and for reminding me to pray—to consider and call to mind all the young men and women who represent the freedom that our nation stands for.  Now every time the needle on the thermometer rises I pray and ask God’s protection, peace, and provision for those in far off lands.   I thank Him for the privilege of keeping the military in my heart and His grace toward my often ingratitude for the freedom’s I take for granted.  They are certainly not ‘free’.

Let God change your groaning to gratitude for living free and remember someone somewhere is paying the price.

Related Reading:   Philippians 4:6-7;  1 Peter 3:12;  Psalm 34:12-16


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