The work of God is this Believe in the one He has sent” [John 6:29]

God does not have to give you explanations, understanding or details about who He is or what He is doing, but He does.  ”…He the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth…He will speak only what He hears…tell you what is to come.  He will take from what is mine and make it known to you” [John 16:13-25]

God sent Emmanuel [God with us] so that we could ‘see’ Him and He sent His Holy Spirit so that we could ‘hear’ Him, understand His ways, communicate continually and get to know Him!

This little story written by a UBD team member says it so simply and so well.  “I went to the park with Kelly this afternoon and observed in action what my Father has been impressing upon me for weeks.  A little girl who was about four years old was climbing on the wooden train.  Her blonde hair was caught up in two high pigtails.  As she progressed on the ladder, her mother called to her from the bench.  At first the little girl ignored her mother, but after about the fifth time she finally said “What?” Her mother asked her what she was doing; “Climbing” responded the child. The girl triumphantly stood atop the train.  Her mother called out to her “Good job! I love you!”

Is it no less with God, our Father? As we go about the ‘business’ of our day, does He not call out to us, asking what we are doing? Do we hesitate to respond in the midst of it all, or do we ignore Him when He calls out our name? And when we complete the task successfully, can we hear the Father say “Good job! I love you, my sweet child!”? What an absolutely beautiful picture of God’s desire for us to be like little children so we can hear His voice when He calls to encourage us. I think I ‘got’ the lesson, praise God!” [Wendy Roberts]  “…The Father himself loves you because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God” [John 16:27]

Further Reading:  John 6, Psalm 7; Proverbs 7

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