”…Lord if you are willing, you can make me clean.”  [Matthew 8:2]

From the mountaintop to the multitudes, to one man receiving the miraculous touch of Jesus!  What ‘secret’ is hidden in the words and ways of God’ dealing with this man with leprosy?

Had neighbors told the leper what this man Jesus had said, ”Ask and it shall be given you…” Had another shared the awesome witness of the touch of Jesus?  He was one of a multitude, unclean and needy but he had no other hope so he asked—and ”… Jesus… touched the man”

But there’s more—because miracles happen in the unseen before they are seen—its always a matter of the heart—this man …came and knelt before him…” no pride, no self-assurance, no ability or even assurance that having asked it would happen—whatever you will Lord.  Not my need, not what I do or do not deserve, not even what you have said Lord—but what you will!

Unacceptable even to man the leper had no other hope than to come out from his hidden place, to risk exposure in front of the crowd and look to Jesus and ask without any guarantee his request would be answered.

Not only was this miracle based on what God wanted but it was for God’s purpose–”…go show yourself to the priest…as a testimony to them.”  Religion will never bow the knee, submit to God’s authority or see the miraculous power of relationship with Jesus—where religion reigns relationships are ruined—but where relationship with Jesus reigns, righteousness is revealed.


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