”Get ready…to take possession…”  [Joshua 1:11]

There were basic areas that changed when Joshua led the Israelites into the promised land.  As man we are programmed to respond to our past training but in the Kingdom our training is never static we grow continually in the schoolroom of the Holy Spirit.  So what was this day like in Joshua’s life?  If we are to learn then we must stop and take into account what was happening in his inner journey.

Joshua had been a military leader—now he had to learn how to be a spiritual leader—one was determined by positional authority the other by personal authority requiring constant submission to God.  Prior to this present changing circumstances Joshua had the freedom and security of knowing someone else would make the decisions—all he had to do was follow-through.

Now Joshua was no longer servant of Moses–he was servant of the Most High God, the choices he made would affect every other individual and the entire nation.  When change happens responsibility grows.  Faith-living, risk-taking, living-on-the-edge or living in the shadows of security, it’s all a matter of choice. The reality is that its not a matter of right or wrong it’s a matter of choices…we are never guaranteed assurance something is the ‘right’ choice we can only make the decisions and trust that God is leading and we are secure in Him.

A ‘right’ choice for one person may well cause others some greater difficulty but we must make the call. The Word gives us principles that lead us to a more productive, peaceful and profitable life.  When God’s principles are activating our lives they produce His desired results.  Knowing how God would respond is key—-He is Right[eous] therefore the wisdom to know Him means we come closer to His response to life and by His grace we make the most productive choices.


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