I give waters in the wilderness and RIVERS in the desert…”  [Isaiah 43: 18-21]

We have sung the songs—we have rejoiced and plunged into the healing streams of God—don’t dry off!  Remember the steps you have taken to ‘get into the flow’ and stay there!

Forget the former things [v18]—don’t look in the rear view mirror! Paul said, “Forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward…” [Philippians 3:13] To reach forward you must stretch–give your whole being to it—set your face like a flint.  When you hear the whip and snap of the past as it breaks its hold, rejoice!  All residue of lethargy is gone, you’re in the river and nothing is stronger than a mighty rushing river.

Shall you not know it? [v19] Come on it’s your time—you have prayed, you have believed, now receive the reality of God’s Divine favor, you’re in the RIVER!   Believing by faith is magnetic, it will bring into your sphere of influence wisdom to act, power to overcome, along with the humility to receive.

God has done a new thing [v19]—it has sprung forth let the current of the river empower you to stretch forward—the river of God is a river of life—it’s very nature is to bring growth, increase, energy and wholeness!  When the undercurrent threatens to submerge you—don’t resist—relax, rest, and float. You are being saturated by the power and presence of Almighty God, this is His RIVER rejoice!

God gives waters [20]…to give drink to His people.  Drink deeply become one with the river and let it flow.  Jesus said, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink…out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” [John 7:37b, 38b]   HE IS THE RIVER!

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