“I sat where they sat, and remained there astonished among them for seven days” [Ezekiel 3:15]

Walk a mile in another’s shoes and then perhaps you have a glimmer of their struggle.  Sit where they sit, let your heart be so challenged and moved that to do nothing would eat your soul away.  Seven days…God’s time of fullness, in other words whatever time it takes for truth to permeate your heart and soul.

All around the globe national leaders are asking the same questions; what should we do, what can we do, what must we do with millions of refugees? And the winds of confusion grow with every whisper.  For the world there is no pat answer neither shall there be.  For world leaders there is only the political machine, none know or understand how their decisions break up hearts and homes while they watch their backs, bomb the enemy and bandy words, but we are not of the world and our answer is found as it always is…in the word of God.

As I ‘sat where they sat’ I was shocked and humbled, not so much at the reality of families living in one small room, the lack of personal ability to ‘make a living’ or provide for their families.  History is full of the same scene; war is always hell and disenfranchised people a reality.   My heart ached for the spiritual poverty of so many people walking in the darkness, lost in their sin and in need of salvation.

In my involvement I saw the reality of faith working in action and experienced how the anointing of Paul’s aprons carries the gift and power of God’s compassion.

In today’s story, Peter had walked with Jesus, lived with Jesus, saw the miracles of Jesus, had walked on the water toward Jesus, had his feet washed by Jesus…but there was something he did not know and had to learn.   Tomorrow I will share what it was that Peter had to learn and how we must as God’s people walk in this truth for such a time as this.

Further Reading:  Acts 10