America is a friend of freedom everywhere, but a custodian only of our own.
– John Quincy Adams

We are losing the war of the constitution simply because we no longer live by its values.  Given independence by the Creator we have consumed that freedom on our own lusts.  The spirit of independence has forced itself to turn inward.   Greed for ‘more’ has overtaken the individual and corruption has eaten away at the soul of our nation.

This great blessing of freedom came with restrictions, limits that endeavor to safeguard the very freedom we have been given.  It is no surprise that we have lost this battle of the constitution it is the fruit of neglecting to keep the law of God; and refusing to do so we have lost the wisdom to be the custodian of our own freedom.

The constitution is not validated by force but by the spirit of freedom that penned the words.  Being the light in a world of darkness requires us to act on who God has made us to be as authentic individuals and at the point of great blessing lay the gift of life on the altar of sacrifice.  Sacrifice that is not the end but rather the beginning.  It is the end of consuming the blessing of God on ourselves and giving back to Him that which He paid the price to provide.  Sacrifice is the open door of empowerment for every gift, talent, and treasure that God has given us.  “For what profit is it to a man [or nation] if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?”

History can teach us, if we listen, but the irony of it is that without Godly wisdom we repeat the worldly knowledge we gained and when applied the second time around it brings the same results and the degree of the depths of the pits we find ourselves in are harrowed across this land more deeply.

What we see as we view the national leadership struggle is the outworking of God’s intervention in history.  God does not change, He is a Holy God and is searching for a Holy people.  He also repeats His own history for He cannot be anything but Who He is. With His Word, He tears down, takes apart and demolishes, then starts over building and planting.  God says, “I will pronounce my judgments on my people because of their wickedness in forsaking me, in burning incense to other gods and in worshiping what their hands have made” [Jeremiah 1]

Dignity is a lost art for dignity requires us to value life, without which there is no dignity, there is no respect, there is no submission to authority and everyone does what is right in their own eyes.  Every farmer or gardener knows whatever you sow you shall also reap.  We have sown to unredeemed self and reaped corruption of every kind.

As a nation we have forgotten that the journey of the American dream is connected to work, not entitlement.  The goal of profit is to give and add value to others by providing opportunities to dream the dream and fulfill corporate and national destiny.  Hereby is a great America gained, by honoring our great and awesome God not by profit or lowering taxes?

Rev. Diane Hale

March – 2016