”And the Apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith.” [Luke 17:5 NKJ]

Whether in families, with friends or those known briefly in passing places, relationships pave the way of life.  There are times when they seem like no more than yesterday’s bloom, beautiful, but not long lasting.  Then there are those that like a crazy paving remind us that the path of life and the path of relationships must have a firm footing and trust becomes the major player.  How do we work through the struggle of growing and developing relationships?  The answer can only be found in this word ‘alignment’.

There is only one absolute guide and guard for a life being and becoming full of healthy, vibrant relationships.  We laughingly say ‘when all else fails – read the directions’, but do we?  The shocking truth is we read every soft centered book that tells us we are okay, and yet live among people of unclean lips who proclaim they are Christian yet do not live by God’s Ways nor do they align themselves with God’s Word.

Man has found every psychological reason for sin and called it by another name.  Recently I was given a book to read with all good intentions, since I work and minister to those with co-dependency problems.  I managed to reach the end of the introduction that said… when dealing with co-dependent grandchildren tell them -”Yes, there was something wrong. “[with your grandparents].  “No, it is not your fault” – [that you now have the same dysfunctional – co-dependant behavior!]   Which obviously holds the meaning – it’s somebody else’s fault, therefore, you are not responsible.   Just a nice neat package to maintain a rebellious heart and self will.

Alignment to the Word says – it is your fault – you are born in sin and need a Savior.  You are to blame, you are responsible for your own behavior and yes God has made provision.  “…Jesus began to preach, Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.”  [Matthew 4:17]  Repentance brings forgiveness and forgiveness flows through every healthy relationship.

Further Reading:  Matthew 4