Joseph…did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary home as his wife.”  [Matthew 1:24 NIV]

A miracle is always preceded by a commitment and commitment costs!  This problem that Joseph faced was either full of madness that would destroy his hopes and dreams, or the birthing place of a miracle – Joseph couldn’t see with the natural eye.  He did not know what was hidden beyond his ability to know.  He only had the Word of the Lord spoken through a dream, but when God speaks it is enough!

Joseph chose to believe God – pay the cost – make a commitment and walk in obedience.

Life continually offers choices.  God will not demand we pay the cost, make the commitment or even obey His command – He places that in our hands.  We must know and understand the power of the miraculous is not found when all things are in place and wonderful.  The power of birthing a miracle is found in the mud tracks of human problems where need arises and challenge smacks us in the face.  Joseph faced the future with an attitude of commitment that was willing to pay the cost.  He was willing to believe God for the impossible because Immanuel “God with us” is the miracle birthed in human need.  As you prepare to enter the New Year have an attitude of commitment and a miracle will happen for you.

Further reading:    Psalm 62