Surely the Lord is in this place…How awesome…this is the gate of heaven” [Genesis 28:15]

Surely….surely—it must be so—it is so—Hear the wonderment in the thoughts of Jacob—such was the amazement that a little later Jacob changed the name of the place.  He knew that he knew that he knew, God was with Him.  Had visited him in the night and the heavens were open with God’s Divine favor!

This is the message of the Easter season—heaven has been opened—you have access to the Father through Christ the Son.

Every new beginning which is the name Jacob gave the place—Bethel, meaning new beginning, begins with an open heaven—all the resources of the creator of the universe are yours!  Don’t turn around, don’t go backward to ‘Luz’ Luz means—almond tree—the place of anointing—keep moving under the cloudless sky of God favor and anointing!  Recognize God in your surroundings and move forward.

Jacob’s journey was beginning at Bethel—the house of God—God’s promise to Jacob and to you is this   “I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go… I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.” [Genesis 28:15]

Wherever you find yourself is God’s place, it is Bethel—God’s house.  It’s His place of new beginning, His place of blessing and His place of new anointing. .  He is as close as the air you breath, in your circumstances and in the situations of your life.  What seems old will become fresh and pulsating with life.

Jacob made a vow…”…I will give you a tenth.”  A vow made upon God’s promise hooks itself to the promise—it is a commitment that cannot and will not be denied.  God never forgets. [Genesis 31:13] The tithe represents an entire life given and committed to God’s plan and purpose.

Further Reading;  Genesis 30-32;   Hebrews 11

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