For this reason we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away from it.”   Hebrews 2:1 

It is difficult to hear the soft gentle voice of the Holy Spirit when all around is the joyful and often noisy celebrations of life.  It is a fact that being endowed with the Holy Spirit within, we receive His guidance even when we know it not. But we are warned about paying close attention and not drifting.  As with all disciplines, we cannot rely on experience and knowledge to lead us into a whole new year.  So what does drifting mean? Simply put, it means “to wander from a set course or point of attention.”  There are three areas affected by this drifting:

  1.  It creates static in your ability to hear.  Do not drift away from what you have heard.  Don’t let the clutter of your mind push God’s whispers to the back corners to lie hidden and forgotten.  What you have heard is truth and truth is the vehicle for freedom. It is time to shout it from the roof tops.
  2. Memory is short and full of shadows.  Do not drift away from remembering, expecting and using the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Without them life becomes dull with no demonstration of God’s power in your life.  We have been told to not associate with those that deny the power of God (2 Timothy 3:5).
  3. Faith becomes inactive: therefore, dead. Do not drift away from the signs and wonders.  By these God is testifying among and with His people.

Finally, whatever it takes, intentionally pay close attention.  Do not drift away from abiding in Jesus Christ.  Only in His presence can signs and wonders, gifts of the Holy Spirit or truth exemplify the life of a disciple.  Abiding in Him will allow all things to flow into your life and the world around you.

Further reading: Hebrews 2:1-4;  John 15: 1-7

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