”Make the people sit down” [John 6:9] “

We’re about to see an awesome miracle.  Jesus was sitting there sharing with His disciples when He looked up and saw a multitude.  What a scene!  Five thousand men, along with their wives and children—all hungry, tired and coming with great expectation!

Then came the moment of turning need into overflowing abundance!  No survey was taken as to the credibility of the need, the character of the people, or the cause of the need.  It was all about God’s awareness of the need, His ability to meet the need and His attitude toward those who thank Him for being who He is.

Evangelist John R. Rice once wrote, “I once imagined I was in Heaven.  Walking along with the Angel Gabriel I said, ‘Gabe, what is that big building over there?  “You’ll be disappointed,’ he answered.  ‘I don’t think you want to see it,’ But I insisted, and he took me ‘over there’ and showed me floor after floor of beautiful gifts all wrapped and ready to be sent. “Gabriel, what are all these?” “He said… I thought rather sadly, ‘We wrapped these things, but people never called for them.”

This morning, “Enter His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise” [Psalm 100:4]  Thanksgiving will move the Father’s heart and open His hand to reveal His presence as Jehovah Jireh—the God who sees and provides.

“Thou art coming to a King ~ Large petitions with thee bring; ~ For His grace and power are such ~ None can ever ask too much” ~ [John Newton]

Further Reading:  2 Chronicles 20 ~ Psalm 100 ~ John 15:7-11 ~

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