The Harrisons   – December 2022  Stateside



We are a mosaic of cultures. Fragmented pieces of the Nations color our lives. Each piece joining with another to create a unique, individual pattern. It’s who we are, who we’ve become. Life overseas has shaped and moulded us in ways that were unknown to us. These changes in identity – is something we appreciate and value. We just didn’t fully realize how much we’d changed until we were confronted with it upon re-entry.

Determined to not hit the ground running, a quick review of the last 3 months bears evidence, how miserably we failed in our intentions. Two weeks of jury duty, job interviews, school interviews, life’s great search for the perfect dance school, Church, funerals of loved ones, gifts of cars, repair of cars, snowstorms and one car totalled, new friends, old friends, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays, life’s great search for employment, health issues….

Literally, life has been one series after another of “the perfect opportunity for the Lord to show up.” Praise God, He has! He continues to reveal his faithfulness again and again.

Our re-entry has not been as smooth as we would have liked, and it does remain challenging. At times it feels like we are backpacking up a slippery slope, but we choose not to be victims of our feelings or emotions. Our Lord and His plan – His destiny for our lives is greater than any of our difficulties!

So, we allow Him to keep building His mosaic, for we know we only see in part, but one day we will see the whole. He will position us. He will place us where we need to be to receive the fullness of His plan and purpose for our lives.

There are many practical prayer requests we can share and will, but our greatest need is to know Him more. The challenges we face are nothing to Him, ALL things are possible in His hands. To remain in peace, to hear His voice, to know Him more fully in each and every aspect of life is our greatest desire.

Prayer Points!

  • To know Him, His Will, His Plan
  • Full-Time Employment for Daniel (He is applying for teaching posts are colleges and universities)
  • Transportation (we’ve had two cars gifted to us – Praise the Lord! However, one car was totalled during the recent snowstorm. Someone crashed into it, we were not inside, so no-one was hurt. The other car we were given suffers from continual on-going issues and repairs. The previous owners advised not to continue putting money into the car, but we are seeking to be good stewards with the gift we were given, but we need wisdom concerning this car.)
  • On-going transition…to find our place, our identities here – to find the bridge between our two worlds – lives.
  • Praise for His faithfulness, He is seeing us through each and every situation. He has provided faithful friends and family who provide support and encouragement to us during this time. We are blessed!

There is no way we can ever fully express our gratitude and appreciation to our ministry partners. The years you have stood beside us and still do – THANK YOU! Knowing we are not alone in the transitioning process, life, ministry gives us great hope and encouragement!

  • May the Lord bless you and keep you, make His face shine upon you and give you peace in the season and the year ahead!

Daniel, Kathleen & Ava 



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