For His Fame Among the Nations…


As we gather around our “outreach thanksgiving table” this year, not with the crowds of yesteryear, but being led by the spirit to do something new, we will share our gospel message with one, dear sweet family. Our hearts are expectant and we are overflowing with excitement about this new thing springing up in our midst.We have borne witness to the Lord working in our midst in mighty and mysterious ways. He is awakening hearts to the gospel and we are seeing fruitful salvations, as lives are being transformed.

Something new is happening, we are seeing the fruits of our labor and those that have gone before us, most especially among our refugee families. Last week we ran into our friend Hydar, from Iraq. He might be remembered as the one whose son we prayed for two years ago, as glass shards embedded in his eye from an exploding bomb. Or perhaps he is remembered as one of the first refugees who attend our church and wept at the depth of love he experienced among us. Sometime after meeting Hydar he was transferred to another camp and then to a home for refugees run by a church in the town of St. Johann. We haven’t seen him since last Thanksgiving and while we were visiting St. Johann the other day ran into him by accident. He was so excited to see us so he could share his good news. He had been baptized and given his life to Jesus! What joy flooded our hearts as we stood in the middle of the street and thanked the Lord for his salvation with shouts of Hallelujah! Hydar is still waiting for a decision to be made on his asylum application, the separation from his wife and son remains unbearable, but now he has a joy and a peace that passes all understanding flooding his heart!

This week we received a call from Porsor, whom we just provided a bible to in her own Kurdish language. She was asking if we could please provide another one. She has a friend, another Yazidi refugee, who has just come to faith. Her husband knows nothing of her recent conversion and would not be happy about her new faith. She is asking for a bible so that she may daily read and learn about her savior. As we meet weekly with Porsor & Bessie to study the word, she will join us when she is able. This is all done at great risk for her, but the desire to know Jesus more is greater than the fear of her husband.

Isaiah 43 is coming alive before our very eyes…. they are coming from the north and the south, the east and the west. The nations are gathering, the fugitives are here…and so is the Holy Spirit moving in the hearts of His children – the chains of false religions are being broken, and many are being set free from the darkness!

A new thing He is doing in our midst – we have seen it with our own eyes, and are blessed to partake in His plan. It might not be the Great Welsh Revival, but He is certainly at work new – we’ve had the privilege to witness four salvations so far, this year, experienced miracles of healing, seeing evangelistic hearts that are not just talking about evangelism, but faith with feet that are moving – into the highways and byways – desperate to see loved ones and strangers alike saved for the glory of Him! Oh, Praise Him for His marvelous deeds, His wonders to perform!

So, this Thanksgiving, we are mindful, expectant, and excited to see what he is going to do next – to watch Him working His miracles in the hearts and lives of our loved ones. Be it with crowds of people or just a few don’t miss what the Lord is doing in your midst. The invitation is there for all, we are all invited to dine with the Lord, He is working his plans for His glory. Make yourself available to His plan, be expectant to see Him move among your love ones, for He is doing a new thing in our midst, see it springs up before you, do you not perceive it? Let those with eyes let him see and those with ears let him hear…

Heavenly Father, open our eyes and ears to see and hear what you are doing!


Thankful beyond Measure….

Our eyes have seen, and our ears have heard, our hearts have received the blessing of the Lord in so many ways this year. The above is just the most recent report of thanksgivings for what the Lord is doing in Austria. We are greatly encouraged with the move of His Spirit. After spending the afternoon with Porsor and Bessie studying the word together their words of thanksgiving and gratitude humbled us and reminded us once again how very blessed we are to be here on the mission field among the nations.

And this our dear friends is possible because of your faithfulness to gird us up in your prayers, your financial support and your partnership in the gospel. We are so grateful to you and all the many ways that the Lord blesses us through you. Days on the mission field can be long, and often unrewarding, many romanticize the idea of living as missionaries but, the only thing to be romanticized is the Lord himself, His goodness and mercy. Knowing that we are not alone, that we are not forgotten, that we are enabled by your sacrifices to share the gospel with the nations for this we remain indebted to you. Thank you for remaining with us in prayer, support and partnership, we are excited to see what awaits us in the year ahead!

For His Fame Among the Nations!

Daniel, Kathleen & Ava


Partners in Ministry
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