I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderfully made;” [Psalm 139:14]

Yesterday we began sharing about the power of Worship and that plunging the depths of worship opens up our understanding of a Creator who created all things to work in balance and harmony.  Christ our Savior came to rescue us from darkness, but also to become the balance beam of life and human existence.

The Psalmist spoke concerning how fearfully and wonderfully we are made.  The very intricate design at the cellular level of physical existence reveals this to us, and we are full of wonder [worship] of such a magnificent Creator.  In his book “God’s Prescription for Healing”, James P. Gills says, “In the organization of our atoms, proteins, and integrated systems is the evidence that we were created with a marvelous, miraculous design intended not only to define, but also to promote and prolong our physical existence on the earth according to a divine plan”.  The completion of such handiwork comes through the power of worship.

The fault or failure of this was man’s decision to worship something other than the one true God, namely himself and so as it is written, “…all men fall short of the glory of God.”  Man became the center of his own universe and humanism was born.  God desires so much for man that He sent His Son to restore man, to give him a way to return to worship and through worship to become healthy and whole.  Worship reaches deep within the integrated system and science of healthy cell formation to restore all that the enemy of man’s soul has stolen.

Further Reading:  Psalm 139; John 4:23-24