Stretch out your hand!”  [Matthew 12:13]

What part of you are you trying to hide?  What undeveloped gift is hidden by weakness?  What have you rejected as ‘who you are’ that you are afraid to expose, to allow God to use or trust Him to heal completely?

The secret to wholeness is recognizing the weakness, revealing the weakness and allowing God to perfect [mature] that which is weak. ”…my power is made perfect in weakness.”  [2 Corinthians 12:9b] Christ didn’t come to enable those who are strong and healthy—those who believe themselves to be without weakness—He came to give grace that covers, corrects and conforms weakness by His strength.

Christ spoke the Word—the man responded to the direction given—What was whole and healthy was impotent until that which was weak yielded to the Living Word and both strength and weakness produced wholeness.

What the man in our story did was stretch to reach beyond him-self, beyond those standing around, beyond the impossible to touch the possible realms of the grace of God.   He was reaching to connect with the source of all that was meant to be, fashioned to be, and yearned to be—himself as a new creation in Christ.

The value of man cannot be known unless the weakness of man accepts the fact that without God his value remains void of power—whatever area of life is your weakness stretch it out before God, He will fill it, form it, fashion it and in fullness you will fulfill the plan of God for your life.


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