“Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.”  John 1:36

A few months ago, while I was in the recovery stage after having unexpected surgery, in a mighty visitation, God spoke these words to me:  “Behold your healing.”  I was not totally free of pain at the time and then I was told there may be more surgery needed.  So how did I need to “behold my healing?”

Like most Christians, we have seen or heard of God’s miraculous healing and those who have been given that promise yet were not immediately, physically healed.  So I crawled into a deeper place of rest in order to listen and discover understanding.

At the same time on the world stage, Israel was standing on the fact that they have been given land and the promise of protection.  They have been clinging to this promise for thousands of years.  What is the secret of their tenacity?  They have no doubt about whom they are or their ultimate destiny.  Thus, with these two examples as a back drop, I listen.

If I say to you, “It’s all about faith,” you will probably say, as stated in the Geico commercial, “Everyone knows that.”   But did you know…

It is God’s faith that allows strength to stand, not just faith IN God but faith OF God.

It is based on the attitude of the heart, which is dependent on how you think.

You cannot think carnally and with faith at the same time.  Carnal thinking is self-consciousness.

Faith is a choice, a spiritual mindset; spiritual thinking is God-consciousness.

Faith is a substance; it has shape and form generated and strengthened by how you think and speak.

Faith can only live where the word of God is its sustenance.

Faith chooses to think with the mind of Christ.

Faith is not measured by outside circumstances, situations or worldly reports.

Faith is bigger than every situation man faces; it has overcoming power.

Faith is only possible when you live by the Word of God—that is faith!

Behold means “to see,” to see and keep on seeing something or someone made whole, without spot or wrinkle.  Behold means to live from a different perspective, something higher, something more fully formed, something beyond what the natural eye can see or the natural mind can conceive.

When we live in the Spirit, we are living in God.  He works from the inside out and cannot be moved by temporary things or reports.  Faith is an attitude of the heart that says “Forsaking All, I Trust Him.”

Further Reading:   Psalm 1 –   Hebrews 11 – Galatians 2:20 – Matthew 6:30