And when the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, “It is a ghost!” And they cried out for fear.” [Matthew 14:26]

In answer to our needs God will make an unexpected visit. Keeping alert at all times is imperative so that seeing or hearing something different is not easily mistaken for a diversion or even temptation.

Whenever God shows up it will be in the realm of the unexpected; if it were the natural thing it would not be a supernatural circumstance.  You can be sure it will be time to activate faith –seeing Him is not enough, hearing Him is not enough, you must act upon it.  Peter heard the voice of Jesus and acted.

If something new is going to be given you will always be required to leave your comfort zone.   God has an unexpected plan.  His ways are always not our ways—if we think we can do something new then it’s not God just a good thing.  God’s increase is seen when he turns the ordinary into the extraordinary and the usual into the unusual.   Madness and miracles often come in the same package; the difference is in the perception.  If you’re one of those disciples who would rather stay in the confines or comfort of the boat, then your God is too small.

God doesn’t announce His arrival; He is a ‘suddenly’ God, but for those like Peter that stay close, the arrival is not so difficult to discern.  The ability to recognize Him is a continuation of the fellowship they shared even before His appearing.

Further Reading: Psalm 27; Matthew 14:22-33