”…when you’re joined with me and I with you, the relation intimate and organic, the harvest is sure to be abundant…”                     [John 15:5 The Message]

As I sat and listened to yet another segment of news on the banking system—I was blessed!  It was actually ‘good news’!  The newscaster was speaking with the manager of a small town bank.  A bank that had plenty of money to loan and invest into the needs of the community.  He talked about trust—trust that came from being true to why and how they had been established long ago—not buying into ‘big business’ and credit systems of corporate magnitude—but trust based upon them being as they promised to be from the beginning; helping the community,  the results of which was abundance.

What he was saying was they had been uniquely designed for a specific purpose and over the years had made choices to remain true to that purpose. Less is always more when choices are based on original design and knowing your calling is proved by making right choices! Because of those choices they were solid, secure and able to ride the waves of economic volatility.

Whatever ‘business’ you are in the security you have is intrinsically woven into the intimate relationship you experience with God.  Through that relationship the person you see yourself to be controls the choices you make and motivates your life.

Further Reading:   Eccl. 10:1-4 ~ 2 Kings 4:43 ~ John 15:1-12

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