“The seventh time around, when the priests sounded the trumpet blast, Joshua commanded the people, Shout! For the Lord has given you the city!”  [Joshua 6:16]



Praise God for His Marvelous and Glorious Presence, His healing power and for prayer partners that seek the Throne of our God!
We have prayed God would raise up the intercessors and He has been faithful!
We have walked through many storms and experienced many miracles. I am restored.  God has walked on the water and held us with Him to be more than conquerors-Hallelujah!
Glory to God He uses all He has given to man but He alone is
Thank you, it is the prayers of the saints that spiritually walk with us prayer that releases the power of the miraculous- God Bless you all, Diane and Joe


We are living in the prophetic
Word of Zechariah:
God is rebuilding and moving mightily around the globe.  Great are the promises of God, but there is a WARNING.
Judgement-not to the world, they are already judged and living in the consequence of their hate and fear.   Judgement is upon to the people of God! 
No longer can we ‘do things as usual’ but fear not!  God Himself will remove those who serve with lip service only, those who keep doing things that God has not commanded!  Old traditions, old practices–they are not required.  Like the darnel of the fields of Matthew at harvest time.  “So, it will be at the end of the age; the angels will come forth and take out the wicked from among the righteous”
What shall we do:   DO NOT FEAR – great abundance will come to the righteous and those that turn-turn–turn-turn!  REPENT FOR THE LORD IS MERCIFUL.

Judge yourself-what was your motive?  In Zachariah’s day the people’s motives were good, but God had not told them to do what they were doing.  It was a time for favor and prosperity, but God’s people failed and refused to change what they were doing.
NOW IS THE TIME TO:   Dispense true justice, practice Kindness, be compassionate to others
DO NOT:   Oppress the widow or orphans, strangers or the poor; do not think evil in your hearts for others, if there is no change your heart will go hard your prayers will not be answered, disobedience releases God’s wrath and storms scatter, your life becomes a desolate land.
Great zeal in such great love that God returns to us, gives us the privilege of holding up the Living Word in our hearts and hands. Therefore, let your hands be strong.  You are listening so that God’s purpose is revealed and you will be used to rebuilt the broken places.   There will be peace and fruit from the seeds you have sown, it will no longer be ravished or dry, but bring forth rich fruit.  You will be a blessing and inherit all things.  Do not fear, let your hands be strong and all the work of our hands shall be blessed.  Speak truth, judge with truth and have peace.  People will come to you to seek favor God’s favor and others will know that God is with you.
Pray for the Body of Christ and for those walking in this thick darkness they shall
SEE a great Light and
the Church will rise