Cast the net on the right side of the boat…” [John 21:6a]

The disciples had made the decision to return to their old ways, to make their own way and provide for themselves.  The military coup they expected to make them a success had not happened and they ‘gave up’.  All the while Jesus was standing on the shoreline of their lives.

Jesus had completed His Father’s Will, yet here He was again taking on flesh to ‘show himself’ to His friends.  But this was different – He was showing up in the flesh as the Spirit of prophetic fulfillment, yet they did not know Him.  He had removed the barriers of sinful flesh and was now able to remain forever with and within all those willing to follow Him.

Be still this morning and meditate on this scene, feel the chill of early morning air.  Hear the lapping of the water against the boat and climb in among the disciple.  Struggle through the long hours of the night with them, becoming tired and weary only to face another day with a sense of failure. Suddenly you hear a voice – do it My way!

Jesus is standing on the shoreline, the periphery of your life.  Do you not see Him?  He is there in the flesh, His Spirit is within those called and chosen by God to walk this earth as His hands, His feet to offer His supply!  He stands and moves among the activities of your life.   There are no limits, no boundaries, and no hindrances.  All He says is… bring those things that represent your struggle, your weariness and disappointment, the very essence of your life and in My hands they become limitless bottom line miracles!

Further Reading:  Psalm 23; Psalm 37:25-26; John 21:1-14