“…He kept repeating, do you not yet understand?”  [Mark 8:21 AMP]

Wherever Jesus walked His footprints brought increase.  The storehouse of God is never depleted!  There is no end to the blessing of God but the blessing is not given as a ‘lump’.  Jesus said use your spiritual ears and eyes and understand. The leaven that hasn’t been broken up; that’s the kind the legalist use…never increases. The law breaks what it touches, but is never broken itself, it has no life and cannot multiply.  It is hard and unyielding. Those who have this kind of leaven will never bear fruit in the kingdom. [Mark 8:15]

That which yields to Christ is broken and in the breaking multiplies.  Whatever amount has been given the giver is never depleted. The first time Christ gave to the multitudes [Mark 8:18-20] there remained 12 hand baskets, which equaled the original amount plus seven extra baskets. The second time He broke and distributed seven loaves were broken but seven still remained.

God is not into loss or gain, he’s into gain.  He’s not into win or lose; he’s into life that has already won!  Seven is His fullness it’s the perfect amount.  All you will ever need is available for distribution in His Kingdom and cannot do anything but increase. Whatever resources are necessary they are waiting to be received, but will come broken in small easy to handle bite size pieces.  They never stop coming, they never stop increasing. Like plants in a spring garden the more the original root is broken apart the more splendor and glory they bring to the garden.

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