”…small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”  Matthew 7:14 

In the closing days of last year, my mind and heart began to think about the New Year.  What goals did I have.  What desires were still in my heart and yet to be fulfilled.  What plans of God were yet to be seen in my life?   Then, as we worshipped in community, before me came a “picture.” It was of a pathway—very straight—very clear—very long with no horizon in sight.  It was defined with a picket fence on either side and that, too, was very straight, very clean and very clear.  This I knew to be the path of life ahead, but what did it mean?

To keep to the narrow path would be the unfolding vision of life and to “catch the wind” in such a way as to have ultimate efficiency and effectiveness.   Focus was the first word given as He and I stepped onto the pathway—focus on the creator of the path since He alone had set in place the path and purpose.   He drew me to His Word and taught me again the secret of setting boundaries, I understood that the Word would be the “picket fence” and life would be clean and clear.  That life is made up of moments, and moments connected become the blueprint, forever written in heaven.

What we do with our moments becomes the memories of yesterday and the mission for tomorrow; therefore, I set my schedule before Him and, with the memory of the pathway, asked, “What are the tasks along the way?  How shall Your life fill my days?  What is it that will keep my feet moving forward.

The goal is staying within the boundaries with balance and harmony—not crossing the picket line to disrupt the harvest fields of others or enabling the neighbor’s cherished addictions—not turning to either the left or the right, but catching the wind of the Spirit until I see the finish line.

Further Reading:  Isaiah 49:1-4 ~ John 10:1-17

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