”…And behold, the Lord passed by and a great and strong wind tore into the mountains and broke the rocks in pieces before the Lord….”  1 Kings 19:11 

“Catching the wind” is not the same as “catching God.”  He is the creator of the wind, behind the wind, within the wind and surrounding the wind—but He’s not the wind.

It is a sign, a symbol of His great power, a trumpet blast of His presence, an attribute of His awesome and holy sovereignty.   It is His signal to ”Be still and know He is God” [Psalm 46:10).

His wind has purpose: to blast away all that would hinder the sound of His voice, to shake the scaffolding of self defense and selfish ambition, to remove all pretension and lay-bare the pathway to inner realms and reaches of man’s heart.

Slicing through the granite of man’s matrix of understanding, the finger of God’s hand reaches with an awesome gentleness to make himself known by His ”…still small voice”  (1 Kings 19:12b).

The “sound” from heaven comes as the sound of compassion and questions: Why are you hiding, Adam? Why are you here, Elijah?  Why did you laugh, Sarah? Why do you cry to me, Moses, and to the Pharisees?  The voice says, “Why do you throw stones at my people?”

The sound causes man to cover his face, to no longer look proudly at who he is, to claim neither fame nor fortune but stand humbly before his Creator whose wind has caught his heart and in the catching cauterized it.  So…Elijah…wrapped his face…and went out and stood…”  (1 Kings 19:13).

Stand still and listen.

Further Reading:  1 Kings 19:1-18 ~ James 1:19-20

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