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by Diane

America is a friend of freedom everywhere, but a custodian only of our own. – John Quincy Adams We are losing the war of the constitution simply because we no longer live by its values.  Given independence by the Creator we have consumed that freedom on our own lusts.  The spirit of independence has forced […]

Glorious Vision

by Diane

“…to you it has been given to come progressively to know to recognize and understand more strongly and clearly the mysteries and secrets of the kingdom of God…” [Luke 8:10 AMP] Being ‘progressive’ in the world may have a negative connotation but not in the Kingdom of God!  The ‘church’ is stymied by the religious […]

Pioneers in the Kingdom

by Diane

Over the years ministry development has become part of the gifting and service the Lord has given us to provide.  We have dealt with all kinds of Kingdom work—from being the midwife in the birthing process to adulthood and maturity, we have the privilege of assisting in the growth and development process.  Some through leadership […]