Prophetic Word

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Stirrings From the Mulberry Tree….

by Diane

When your heart is lifted up to Me then the eyes of your understanding are opened. It is the Springtime of spiritual life for My people. The sun is moving quickly to reposition, reaffirm and renew the call of My Spirit. Things will be warming up; the sound of the chirping of the birds is […]

Stirrings From the Cypress Tree….

by Diane

The fruit of My presence reveals My people have been—founded and established by faith, fearlessly moving forward and forged to fit the work. You are mine and My Word shall not return void but it shall accomplish all that has been destined in your life.  Even those things thought to be dead shall spring forth […]

Stirrings From the Olive Tree….

by Diane

As knots unravel and the ship is launched it will ride the waves in the currents caught. The open sea is destiny to chart a course that pleases Me. No land in sight, or guiding star if you remain just where you are. But as you launch into the deep My voice awakens those who […]