Women of Influence

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by Diane

Luke 1:5-17 Another year and another appointed time rolled around for Zacharias to serve as priest of the Most High God.There friends and neighbors must have wondered—why Elizabeth was barren—hadn’t they tried—hadn’t they prayed time and time again. The Jewish Rabbis said that seven people were excommunicated from God and the list began with “A […]


by Diane

Judges 4-5 The enemy was once again harassing the nation of Israel. Because of their rebellion God had literally sold the nation into the enemies hands. Deborah was a very patriotic women—she was a prophetess who was keenly aware of the state of the nation and able to discern God’ requirements and the direction He […]


by Diane

[Acts 16:6-15] The journey was long; the message on their hearts was burning—but twice the Holy Spirit forbade them to preach. There was a specific call, time, place and a person that God wanted Paul to reach—and He received the direction while on the journey! After arriving in the city they heard of an open-air […]