God steps out like he means business: You can see he’s primed for action.”

[Isaiah 42:13 The Message]

Today we celebrate the appearing of a babe lying in a manger—are you ready to celebrate the appearing of the King of Kings?

Around the globe the warnings are being given—they are increasing—they are becoming louder.  Like a thief in the night God will slip into the place of your dwelling—will you hear the sound of His coming—will you be aware of His returning, are you prepared to recognize His appearing the second time?

He was a gift wrapped in swaddling clothes for you, what gifts have you wrapped to give to Him?

Surrender all by faith in Christ—Faith will express itself in joy—Joy will become your strength—and spiritual strength will provide the endurance Christ spoke of. “But he who endures to the end shall be saved.”  [Matthew 24:13]

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