“…a chasing after the wind”  Ecclesiastes 4:4

 We have just finished a series of Catching the Wind so perhaps a word of caution is in order to make sure you are not chasing rather than catching the wind. 

If you need an evaluation or check-up this morning, there are three signs that you are chasing rather than catching:

  • When all labor and achievement spring from man’s envy of his neighbor.  As children of God, our uniqueness as human beings requires us to set our course by the Word of God.  It requires us to find the purpose of God for our lives.  The great American dream has created one-up-man ship and individuals are crushed in the race up the ladder,  sometimes leaving the responsibilities of life to “others.”
  • When man finds himself all alone. We are a nation of individualists.  Personal independence is a good gift of God but unless life is laid down for others as Jesus said, the kernel of life will never multiply.  To serve mankind from a position of courage and integrity requires the self-life to die.  Only then can real life and multiplication influence our communities and world.   
  • When those in position fail to take heed of God’s voice or ask for wisdom.   Power corrupts the soul of man and leaves him unable to make decisions wisely.  Those who seek and gain power for their own ambition’s sake miss the route of humility required for success that lasts long and affects generations to come.

Chasing the wind is both exhausting and fruitless.  It is a fleshly race of constant battle and personal bereavement.  By contrast, catching the wind is a place of rest, a place of surrender to the Wind Maker.  When the twists and turns come, the resting place holds fast; the wind creates comfort and carefree living.  Are you catching or chasing today?  Either way, stop!  Rest awhile and wait for the next current to carry you to your destiny.

Further Reading:  Ecclesiastes 4 – John 12:20-26

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