Therefore in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice.  My soul follows close behind You; Your right hand      upholds me” [Psalm 63:7-8]

 How does the truth of this Word look in the trial and tribulations of life?  How does God’s Word of comfort translate, in the heart breaking grief stricken moments when most of us are at a loss for words and thoughts of witness fly through the window?   In answer, here is a testimony of the faith of a child and unpretentious response in such a moment.   Miriam, a 4 year old friend of our 6 year old granddaughter Ava, lost her father through suicide, her mother unable to cope checked herself into a psychiatric hospital.   Our daughter [a missionary in Austria] agreed to having little Miriam in her home and she writes the following story.

I have been praying that the Holy Spirit would use Ava to minister to Miriam.  Last night at bedtime
prayers, Ava said she had something to say to me, really to Miriam, but wanted me to be there too.  After Miriam finished talking about her dad that was in the stars watching over her….Ava said “Miriam you will always have a daddy, he is always with you, His name is Jesus!”  It blew me away, as yes Ava knows that Miriam’s daddy died, but we haven’t really talked to Ava about Jesus being Miriam’s daddy.  What was so neat was that Ava “gets it”; the concept of our heavenly father, as well as, knowing that Miriam needed to be comforted by knowing Jesus as her father who never leaves her!

Do you ‘get it’ this morning?  The God we serve, the One who died for each of us will never leave us and never forsake us.  In the face of such tragedy the faith of a child is simple, full of comfort and assurance; therefore you can know His right hand is holding you!

Further Reading:  Psalm 91:1-2; Isaiah 41:10; Matthew 18:1-5;