“This is to my Father’s Glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.”   [John 15:8”]

The rush of life and ministry seemed to be closing in around me and staying ‘on top of it’ was wearing away at my sense of ‘abiding in Him’.  With burdens too heavy to bear, I sought the Lord… so many prayer requests, so many needs, but He heard my cry.  After long and travailing prayer He came, in brilliant Light He stood and calmly said… “Diane am I not able”.  My heart yielded, and He continued, “…now go rest”.  As a gift of love, a holiday had been given to me and so I went.

The sand was warm under my feet, the breeze cooling the heat of the sun and the constant lapping of the waves brought peace so deep the sound of His heartbeat was music to my soul.   Suddenly there came the whispered reminder… “less is more and pruning grows rich fruit”.

As Christ ‘prunes’ away the clutter in the heart He gives the wisdom to clear the outer clutter of overcrowded schedules.  Our involvement with Him in giving up the good for the best leaves life a little more neat and organized.

Boundaries are reset, order is restored and new life brings the more of the fruit for His glory!  Seasons come and season go; the truth remains the same, more is less and cleaning out the clutter makes hearts and lives neat and organized – showing ourselves to be his disciples.

Further Reading John 15