Our Coaching ministry is two-fold—it includes both coaching and mentoring. They are the starting point of reaching your full potential in Christ –living life with intent and purpose.

Mentoring is based on building a trusting relationship that creates an atmosphere of openness and willingness to reveal and develop acceptance of deepest heart desires.  Our intentional mentoring is Christ Centered and therefore filled with power for you to reach your potential. Stepping into a new level of spiritual freedom and development depends totally on you—we are here to assist you into the starting gate of Coaching for Purpose ~ Training For Life”

People come to a coach because they either want to achieve something, fix something or make an important change in their life.

People want to work on practical things like starting a business/ministry, improving a relationship, getting a raise, choosing a new career path, getting more clients, coming up with Life Plans, developing a marketing strategy for their business, leadership skills, reducing stress, getting more done during the day without rushing, and have more fun. At Developing Horizons Ministries we believe unveiling who God has designed you to be, the gifting He has given you and reaching that place of authenticity will allow the life of God to flow through you for His Glory~

We are here to serve YOU!