Jesus saith unto them, Come and dine…” [John 21:9 KJV]

Don’t you know Peter had an ache in his heart whenever he thought about that awful night when his fear overtook his heart and only denial of Christ came out of his mouth?  No wonder he did not recognize the risen Lord.   It took John the beloved to say the words… it is the Lord!  How Peter’s heart must have exploded this time not with fear but longing to be with Jesus.  Without hesitation he plunged into the sea – hope reaching to be restored and then to hear the sweet sound of His voice… come and dine.

Jesus is still saying those words today… come and dine, share an intimacy that is only found around the table of fellowship.  Out of Peter’s deep sense of failure as a disciple and now compounded by his failure to even catch fish he is amazed that the miracle working Lord was still loving him, still willing for him to come and be with Him what amazement must have filled Peter’s  heart.

Don’t let the enemy of your soul use any failure or sense of failure to close your eyes or your heart this morning, plunge into the sea of God’s forgiveness and let the wonder of His mercy fill your heart – Listen… it is the Lord!

Further Reading:  Psalm 130:3-4; Psalm 103:11-12;  John 21:1-14;  John 15:9