“You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve”   [Matthew 4:10]

Yesterday we spoke of the confidence and confirmation of Kingdom Living.  If you are unfamiliar with the term, ‘living in the kingdom’ then you need to relocate through the conscious reality of living in connection with the Prince of Peace—He is the King of the kingdom.

I’ll tell you how you can know if you are living in the kingdom.  “Are you striving to ‘be number one”? Does your husband, wife, boss, teacher, doctor, board of trustees or accountability system give you a headache?

Before you answer too quickly let me explain.  In the kingdom there is neither male nor female, there is only God’s divine order whereby the leader chosen by God is defined by the role they are called to express.  Whether a wife or a husband, an employee or employer, doctor or patient, teacher or student, the number One position is God!  Regardless of where man or woman is positioned as a child of God the characteristic is that of having the attitude of a servant and is always in the secondary position.

Unless and until a Christian has learned the lesson of being number 2—they will never know the confirmation, confidence or power of kingdom living.  The Kingdom of God has One King!  Everyone else is positioned and recognized by that of being a servant.

If you’re not there yet then you are in training to become a servant and the deep rooted drive to be ‘number one’ has not yet been dealt with.   The only way to learn how to be a servant is to humble yourself in the place and role God has given you and accept the accountability that it provides.  This applies across the board and in every situation of kingdom living but God will do the work if you submit to Him.

Further Reading:  Exodus 19:6;   1 Peter 2:  Revelation 1:5-6