”…Joseph had a dream…”  [Genesis 37:5a]

Every child of God has a dream—vague, misty or pristine clear and precise—whatever the level of buried dreams God intends for His children to sense the dream placed within them and bring them to their destiny.

Joseph had a dream and his life became a woven tapestry of colors both dark and light, even as the coat his father gave him.  To travel the road of Joseph destiny is to discover the wisdom of God’s desired end.  Seven things to see with a renewed perspective.

A new perspective. Recognizing that whatever happens along the way—God means it for Good.

Answered prayer.  Those things that trouble you are actually the conduit for answered prayers.  What you see is God working to bring to pass all that is necessary to become who He has purposed you to be.

Attitude Adjusted.  Only through those valleys can destiny be reached.  It is to develop you not destroy you.  The valley is where the fruit is grown and adjusts your attitude.

Desperate dependence.  While in the midst of it you can’t see the forest for the trees—you can only cling to the One who is the Tree of Life.

Dogged determination. You must ‘go through’ to the other side.  There is always a turning point where the task is accomplished the road ends or a curve in the road leaves the past behind and you have a whole new vista.

Standing alone.  During the struggle God will never leave your side.  You are never alone, but being equipped to stand alone in the midst of a crowd.

Like the coat of many colors the experiences of Joseph’s life became his identity.  When the coat was covered with blood and Joseph was thought to be dead he began to live his dream.  The experiences of life equipped him to fulfill God’s plan not just for Joseph, not just for his family but for the nation.

Further Reading:   The Story of Joseph ~ Genesis 37, 39-45