Seeing the Path Ahead

“The Lord said to Moses, “Send men to explore Canaan, which I’m giving to the Israelites. Send one leader from each of their ancestors’ tribes.”  [NUMBERS 13:1-2]

The twelve spies sent to the land of Canaan, the chieftains of the twelve tribes of Israel, were men of great influence, courage and exemplary leadership.  It made sense that, because they were the chosen ones, they would need to give an account not just to Moses but also their tribe.  They would need to motivate and encourage their people to go in and take the land.

They were not faint-hearted leaders to be sure.  Thus, how interesting it was that out of the 12…

  • only 2 had the ability to see the blessings that lay in wait for them and knew that they were more than conquerors.  
  • Only 2 continued to trust the promises and plan of God? They knew that the Lord was not ignorant of what “Giants” awaited them in the land.
  • Only 2 trusted in the power and faithfulness of God.

Crazy!  Right? After all that the Lord had done for them thus far – the daily miracles, the constant presence of God who journeyed with them day and night – only 2 remembered and trusted.   

Ten out of the twelve saw only giants.  They only saw how big and powerful the enemy was.  How quickly they forgot the scope and size of their living God.     

I wonder though how many leaders today, how many believers like I am, at times, can only see the giants in the land? How many of us following the Lord’s plan and purpose of our lives start out very strong and full of faith, trusting that if God is for us then who can be against us!  Suddenly, without warning we come face to face with the giants that attempt to turn our trust into fear and doubt.  It happens.  We wonder how we will ever see the fulfillment of His plan for our lives as we stand in the shadow of the giants blocking our way.  

Remaining faithful to His call is not for the faint-hearted.  We are called to

follow and trust Him regardless of the circumstances.  Let us not give up hope and faith in the one whose plan it is for our lives. Let us remember what he has done for us so far! Life has no surprises for the Lord.  He is aware of all the giants and whether He has not prepared us for them. He has a plan and a purpose for every situation.  Trust Him. Continue to seek His plan, His way, His purpose. 

As we are called to lead, to influence, to witness, do so trusting in the faithfulness of God. Don’t give up.  Press on to receive the blessings of His plan and purposes. 

By:  KHarrison