He fashions their hearts individually” [Psalm 33:15]

Recently I was working hard to clear the front lawn of weeds.  The lawn is Bermuda grass that is chosen for its velvet, thick and slow growing value.  You just don’t have to mow so often and being Bermuda it has a nice manicured well-trimmed look.   My task on that particular morning was getting rid of the weeds and other grasses.  The weeds hide within the growth of Bermuda, but the Fescue doesn’t.  It’s green and good-looking, but it grows quickly and spoils the loveliness of the Bermuda lawn.  The whole purpose of ‘not having to mow as often is thwarted’.

Uniqueness is to the glory of God.  Getting rid of nice, but distracting, additions to God’s purpose allows His creation to be all it is meant to be.  Having and focusing on a personal vision means the original plan is revealing its authenticity.  Recognizing and dealing with distractions is a continual process that prepares for greater growth and prosperity.

All new growth must be aligned with the original design or the whole vision will be warped.  Old ways, attitudes, or behaviors that were once appropriate must now die and new ones must be generated, or else the land of vision will simply become a mirrored image of the past.  The glory will fade; the vision dim or bursts like an old wineskin.

God has a reason for fashioning individual hearts.  When the Light of His Glory shines from every individual heart uniquely designed by Him, He is glorified through convocation of diversity.