by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature,” [2 Peter 1:4]

Having recently been diagnosed with cancer, I have sought to understand more deeply than the wisdom that Christ is in my life.  How the process of healing takes place even through a sinful vessel rescued out of the clutches of darkness.   Accepting the Sovereignty of God is based on journeying with Him in all of life’s situations and knowing and believing He is a God of detail and can be found in the most intricate dealings with man.  He does not just save us from our sinful nature He heals us of the consequences of that sinful nature.   He is not only the answer, but the solution of continuing development as those made in His image and likeness; living with an attitude of wonder we daily receive His Divine nature.

I have seen that the very act of worship promotes healing simply because God has designed it that way.  What science teaches us, if we are not too proud to listen, is that “within man’s organs, tissues, cells, DNA code, and sub-cellular molecular particles is the source for immense wonder”.  That wonder and spirit of gratitude is the very ingredient that empowers the Living Word of God to bring healing to our bodies!  Oh the wonder of His Glory!  This does not preclude the science of medicine or the medical field.  The God that is Sovereign over His design is Sovereign over all scientific thought and knowledge!

When the DNA of God—Divine Nature Attributes—fills a heart with worship He creates new life, a river of life where all healing is in His hands and the Divine system of life is restored!

Further Reading:  Psalm 46; 2 Peter 1