A young man…fled naked, leaving his garment behind.”  [Mark 14:51b]

To be put to the test comes when the one you are following is being ridiculed, mocked, rejected—those that follow Christ become those that choose and those that are chosen.

We must choose what He has chosen for us, our action will speak louder than words and choice will carry the consequence. As he followed the Master the young man had nothing but his linen garment [a symbol of character]. But the strength of the garment had not been tested until…the cost came.

No other possession gives the protection, the provision or the peace than that of integrity. Character is formed as you follow the Master through the trials of life.  When the heat is on and the test comes, running away will cause a forfeit of the covering that the presence of Christ gives.

When the going gets tough—stand firm—if you do not deny Him—He will not deny you. Jesus said, ” …you are my witnesses…you have been clothed with power from on high”  [Luke 24:49]

To be naked is to reveal hypocrisy, showing your integrity weak at best, non-existent at worst. Remember… when the test comes all of heaven will bend to watch, and in the bending cause the shadow of Almighty God to cover you.

Further Reading:  Psalm 91:1-4; Romans 13:14

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