Be still and know that I am God”  [Psalm 46:10]

I love the pungent smell of earth rising from the woodland floor and in the morning light the Lord continues to speak …Be still and know.  He stopped to emphasis  – and know.  It seemed to me that just as the pungency of earth brought oneness with creation so the voice of the Teacher brought a closeness that encompassed all nature and drew me ever closer to Him.  Being still is more than meditation it’s the mystery procured for us at Calvary.

To know in relationship to God is an invitation to be intimate with Him.  We have heard the definition man has given intimacy -‘in-to-me-see.’  I’m not sure I would want many people to see into me; sounds a bit self-centered.  If they did I would hope they would see Jesus.   But I’m off track!

God Himself is saying ‘-in-to-me-see’.   What a glorious invitation, one that perhaps should carry a warning label – remember the scanner.  God’s Holiness works in much the same way.  Reaching to know His heart is risky.   The Light of His Glory scans our souls and highlights any viruses found.  The miracle of it all is that if we stay and ‘be still’ during the scanning process He will wipe the soul clean, heal our wounds and clear away the debris of yesterday.

Be still and know that ‘ I ‘. Truth is this, it is not about you and me.  The little ‘i’ is replaced by the big ‘I’ and we know that its all about Him.  He is God.  The more we know Him the more we love Him and the more we love Him the more we will know Him.

It is here in the early morning light He defeats the enemies of my soul.  He dismantles my self made image, dislocates my hip and causes me to lean more heavily upon who He is and promises to be in my life. Here in ‘stillness’ I am undone to self and remade in His image.  Then I can say… in-to-me-see!

Further Reading:  Psalm 10; Proverbs 8:22-34