Be still and know that I am God” [Psalm 46:10]

Anyone with a computer knows the lengthy process of ‘scanning for viruses’.  It just seems to go on forever!  Like most people I go away and let it happen.  But recently the thought occurred to me,”is that the way I sometimes treat the Lord”?   I say, search me and try me and see if there be any wicked way in me…  then off I go not waiting to hear the results!

I had just stepped out into the dawn and asked the Lord for a Word.   In the stillness I heard the Lord say… ”Be still and know that I am God”.  Immediately I thought “oh yes, that’s Psalm 46:10.  With what to me seemed like a trifle of frustration the Lord said, “Diane it’s not about the address, it’s about attitude!”

And so this time I listened; suddenly the Lord began ‘breaking down’ this one liner to bite size pieces.  The first was… be still?  As I meditated on that ‘piece’ I realized how many different meanings it has. If you tell a child to ‘be still’ it means just that, ‘be still’ stop shuffling or jumping about.  Then there’s the ‘be still’ spoken when someone is over anxious and fretting themselves into a frenzy.  Or still different is the ‘be still’ just for a second while we shoo away a bee!  Then there is the ‘be still’ in the depths of your soul and listen to the sound of silence.

It is in the silence that stillness of soul opens the door of communication with our Father; to hear the purpose and goal of He that governs all life and creates the path of destiny.  “The characteristic of the spiritual life is the delight of discerning more and more clearly the end God has in view for us. “ [Oswald Chambers]  First ‘be still’ then we shall know.