“…Now Jacob loved Joseph…he made him a tunic of many colors…now Joseph had a dream…”  [Genesis 37:3,5a]

“Are you dreaming to live or living the dream”?  A dreamer who lives their dream must think, ‘outside the box’ and has child like faith – for of such is the Kingdom God.

Jacob was running for his life yet as he went he dreamed and he knew that God was with him. [Genesis 28:16]  He thought ‘outside the box’ had unlimited imagination, he was the one who increased the flock by using the speckled rods in front of his father-in-laws flock. [Genesis 30:32-43] Jacob understood the power of dreams and the need for imagination; he knew that if you can see it you can have it.

Jacob passed on this gifting when he gave his son Joseph the coat of many colors.   The coat gave Joseph a prophetic visual aid of his future, a future that would move him beyond all human possibilities—from pit to prison to palace and on to a princely position to influence nations.   So what does a dreamer need? Here are seven things a dreamer needs.

D—direction.  A colorful life means you’ll experience everything, let God direct.                                                                                                                R—relationship.  Joseph’s coat was a covenant with his Father.                                                                                                                                                           E—enthusiasm.  His enthusiasm revealed his deep belief in himself and his dreams.                                                                                                          A—attitude.  No matter what happened to Joseph he maintained a correct attitude.                                                                                                        M—motivated to help others.  Wherever Joseph was, he served others.                                                                                                                                   E—endurance.  Joseph knew how to endure because he knew God was with him.                                                                                                                 R—remembered.  Joseph never forgot his dreams—and he never forgot his family.

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