The reason the dream was given to Pharaoh in two-forms is that the matter has been firmly decided by God and God will do it soon” [Genesis 41:32]

Joseph had been called upon to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams, not one but two dreams.  When God gives a dream He is giving a piece of His divine plan for all humanity, therefore He will make sure and confirm the meaning of the dream.  God’s communication often comes in the form of a dream, but those who do not truly believe in this supernatural God dismiss it as random thought patterns—figments of imagination or simply rich food eaten late at night.

If you are one of those who has been given a dream and believe the dream is communication from God then in the story of Joseph and Pharaoh you can learn the reason for dreams.   One, they reveal God’s activity.  For Egypt it meant that following great abundance would come great famine.  Two – great abundance is God’s provision and a time of preparation for the needs of the future.  And three – future planning is necessary and vital to fulfill God’s calling and destiny.  Man is not a robot, but a vessel of relationship through which he/she participates in God’s purpose for the future.  So how do you respond to a dream?

Ask what activity of God the dream is revealing?  What are you doing Lord?   Ask for understanding of the dream.  I see the vision, I hear the words, but what is the meaning?  Ask for the steps to activate the plan.  The old saying when you fail to plan you are planning to fail or, you can’t hit the target unless you know where the target is located!  These are simple cliché’s, but they are also truth, and knowing the truth will set you free and forearmed for the future.  Finally if it’s God’s dream He will fulfill it; he just needs a vessel to flow through.

Further Reading:  Genesis 41