”…add to your faith virtue…”  [2 Peter 1:10 – The Message]

According to Strong’s concordance virtue in this scripture means:  excellence and praise—not exactly the same definition as when the ‘virtue’ went out of the Lord, ”…Jesus immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him…” [Mark 5:30 KJV]– in that use of ‘virtue’ being the virtue of God means – dunamis – or mighty power.  Peter is saying when you add excellence to your faith it produces praise that connects you to His presence and releases power!

Excellence of faith is a steady, unwavering, consistent belief that what God says He will do! –  This is the faith of the woman who had been sick for years but the determination, the persistence, became the excellence of her faith, so that when she touched His clothes His virtue transmitted power to her virtue.

Adding virtue means to make faith excellent, not just mediocre.  By persevering and reaching out to ‘touch His presence’ faith produces praise that is powerful.

I pray that you would be empowered and equipped by the Holy Spirit to have a faith that’s excellent—not increasing faith in quantity but quality. Even faith as small as a mustard seed becomes greater than the power of atomic energy when touching the power of our Living God.   Whenever your faith is ‘excellent’ Peter says it is productive to the degree it will keep you from being unproductive—it brings forth perfect praise!   Praise where there is nothing lacking—perfect praise —perfect peace —perfect power this is the excellence of faith.

Further reading:  Joshua 4 ~ Matthew 21:17-21


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