Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, above politics, above everything.”

[Psalm 46:10 The Message]

As the days close on 2015 and as I listen and watch the world events the circle of life causes me to ponder…where have I been, what have I done…what purpose shines more brightly as the guiding star of my life.  These closing days are days of evaluation… a deep sense of joy comes over me as I see the shades and shadows mingle together and I realize life is.  It is what it is, in some ways it has shifted and shaped itself in all sorts of contortions, but the further away you are from the way things were then the weaving reveals life’s purpose no matter whom you are or where life has taken you.

The Christ of Christmas is found in the quiet moments and our ability to maintain the quietness of soul even in the midst of busyness.  Behind the activity there is a closing and opening of the days of our lives, but how easily we miss the most important by the urgency of what ‘must be done’.

Moving into a new season requires evaluation, yesterday has been preparation for tomorrow.  How can we then know the way to go unless we realize where we have been—and how we arrived there!

Regardless of circumstance 2016 will begin…nothing can stop the turning of morning to night and nothing can hold back the coming or closing of seasons.  Why the emphasis on evaluating? ….to halt the activity long enough for the soul to adjust and get in tune with God’s agenda as He prepares His people for the days ahead.

A really nice way of saying,”Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!”  [Matthew 3:2]

Further Reading:  Psalm 46:1-2; John 15:9