“…in the process of time…”  (Genesis 4:3)

In the process of time there is always a season when evaluation takes place.  A time when we must ‘take a look’ at our life, accept the choices we’ve made, deal with the consequences and established a plan of action for the future.  In this process we are constantly asking questions like, “Where is God working, what is He doing and why am I where I am”?  In our word this morning the tables are turned and in the process of time God begins to ask man questions.  Let’s take a ‘leaf’ out of His book this morning and listen to the communication process between God and Cain.

The first question Cain is asked is; “why are you angry? (Genesis 4:6) …why has your countenance fallen?”  In other words, has anger caused you to be depressed?  Have you buried your disappointment, resentment, bitterness or rebellion within your heart?  If you have lost your joy take a moment and ask yourself …why?

The second question Cain is asked is: “Where is Abel your brother?”  (Genesis 4:9)  Think for a moment…. Are your relationships all ‘intact’?  Are you on good terms with all those that God has placed in your life? In the network of your relationships are there unresolved issues, ask yourself…. where?

The third question Cain is asked is” What have you done,” (Genesis 4:10) or what has someone done to you?  Okay now come to grips with your part in what has happened in your life.  What are the consequences of the choices you have made…ask yourself what have I done and… what must I do now? Ask yourself, why—where—and what is it that has caused my heart to lose the joy of living?

We are six months into the year.  It’s time to take a look at why, where and what our purpose should be, our priorities are and what our plans will be to live the rest of the year with a joy filled heart, a purpose ignited with passion and the power of praise to finish the year.

Today let God ask you the questions; you’ll be amazed at the answers you hear; the release you receive and the measure of joy restored.

Further Reading:  Genesis 4; Psalm 1; Proverbs 1:1-19