”See, the Lord rides on a swift cloud and is coming to Egypt.”  [Isaiah 19:1]

Living where we do if I drive in a certain direction the way home will always bring me around the tops of the mountain.   Earlier this Spring I was coming home and as I climbed higher and higher the mist became thicker until I was riding through the clouds.  As they closed around me, the stillness brought incredible stillness to my soul.  I slowed down and enjoyed moving through God’s covering.

At times the sun, hidden somewhere behind the clouds, shone through and its brightness wrought a brilliance indescribable.  Given the hairpin curves, most may have thought “this is dangerous”, but I had a strange sense of security.

I was remembering and wondering this morning why I felt that way and then I realized – not being able to see further than a few feet in front of the car meant there were no decisions to make, no distractions to contend with and no noises or voices vying for attention.  I was totally absorbed with one thing… keeping my eyes on the yellow line.   With nothing but the hum of the engine and this wonderful sense of being cradled by the cushion of God’s comforting cloud power – I felt safe!

In a word FOCUS cannot be sought or bought, focus is a discipline that cannot be learned, but formed as life itself gives opportunity.  Circumstances often close in on us in ways that nothing can distract, nothing can deter and nothing remove us from the thing we love the most and cling to for safety.

Allow the circumstances of life to become the clouds that create a cushion of trust and the habit of focus will prove the steel in your backbone and the iron in your soul.  When He comes riding on the clouds it is written,”The idols of Egypt tremble before him, and the hearts of the Egyptians melt within them.

Further Reading:  Isaiah 19; Psalm 50