”…Make this valley full of ditches” [2 Kings 3:16]

What a word!  There’s an army all around you [Murphy’s law has been enacted against you—‘whatever can happen is happening’!]  This was the experience of King Jehoshaphat when he was given the word—”Make this valley full of ditches.”  Dig ditches!  Illogical—perhaps but to us the understanding is this—keep doing what you been called to do.  Keep digging the ditches.  Follow through with God’s leading regardless of logic—a miracle is about to happen!

The miracle for Jehoshaphat was water flooding the ditches [without rain].  The early morning sun shone on the water and to the enemy it looked like blood!  The power of that scene sent the enemy running!  When your enemy sees the power of the miraculous flowing through the works of your hands he will see the power of the Blood of the Lamb of Glory; the presence of God the great miracle worker alive and present with you.

Remember you cannot use God’s Glory for your efforts, but God will use your efforts for His Glory!  There shall be a miracle!  Keep digging.

Further Reading:  2 Kings 3