“The joy of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10)

JOY the very word makes you either shake your head in unbelief or touches something deep within that gives a resounding YES!  God wants you to know JOY this morning—How to get it—how to keep it—and how to spread this supernatural gift of God to others.

Here’s how to ‘get it’.  It’s simple, so simple if you’re not careful you’ll delete this or skim this and go on with the day wishing you had JOY.   In his letter to the Philippians Paul says, help each other get along, agree with each other in the Lord—REJOICE IN THE LORD. In his book, “Discovering what Joy is”, Dr. Paul L, Walker says, “This is the way to begin to discover joy—take a spiritual stance.”  In the midst of building relationships it’s a sure thing that as humans we won’t always get along and agree, so agree IN THE LORD. (Philippians 4: 1-4)

Here’s how to ‘keep it’. Find your security and source in Christ—Christ is the source of real JOY! The imperturbable assurance that our heavenly Father is in control of every situation.  That He shall—“…use all things to work together for the good…” (Rms. 8:28)—believe it! Remember—broken dream, relationship, lost job, shattered plan, empty bank balance, change of schedule, exchange them all for JOY!  Only He is the unchangeable source of all things.

Here’s how to ‘spread it around’. Live the soaring life—the JOY is the power—Christ is the source—the overflow is the power of super charging your circumstances with the same excitement—live the life of a Christ filled life and the JOY filled life is a given—it is the very power source of the miraculous!

He is here; He is with you, so REJOICE! Your JOY makes it clear that your supernatural God is near (Philippians 4:5b)


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