“I cry to you, O Lord; I say, “You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living.”  (Psalm 142:5)

Some thoughts this morning about the remedies man has found to cover pain, to hide the agony, to swallow the disappointment, the screams of why, the groans that come loudly from man’s soul when life takes a curve and all hope is gone.  How gladly we expect and accept man’s discoveries to remove the horror and give the human physic opium for the dark side of life.  There are moments in every man’s life, when life is too much and just a ‘little’ help to climb over to the other side of pain are all we need.  And it works! —But what if?

What if Christ Himself—the Risen Lord of Glory became that which we could partake?  Is it not conceivable that greater ‘opium’ for human suffering could be experienced?  I pose the question knowing that my answer is a resounding yes…yet my pain when compared to the pain of many others does not warrant comparison.

Many times in our journey of life darkness penetrates our lives and it is difficult to see God—yet—God Himself says that even darkness it is not darkness to Him but becomes light.  He is faithful in the hard places of our lives and reveals Himself according to our need.  It is in the agony of painful circumstances man searches for meaning, humanity fades and the One who created us fills and surrounds us.   It is not the measure of our need, but the measure of our God that makes the difference.

Pain takes us ‘below the surface’ of every day human experience and a dimension of God centered living begins to awaken us to the awesome reality that our thoughts are not God’s thoughts, our plans are not God’s plans and our purposes sink far beneath God’s purpose.

From Genesis to Revelation God not only exposes where we are, but where He desires us to be—living in a spiritual dimension fulfilling His purpose where even the horror of life’s tragedies fade and supernatural peace absorbs our very being.   These are the Cross-clinging moments when the Risen Christ reaches out His arms and unveils His heart.  He personally becomes a resting-place for every man.

This morning know that whatever corner life turns, when numbness fills your soul—Christ, Jehovah Shalom is with YOU!


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